Monday, June 21, 2010

Keeping Ethiopian Culture Alive for Our Children

Below are a couple of ideas to help families keep Ethiopian culture alive for their kids. Some of the ideas are pretty superficial but hopefully when looked at as a whole they will help our children feel connected to their Ethiopian culture.

- Visit Ethiopian restaurants and stores and meet the proprieters and have conversations about history, current events, culture, etc. (Visit this SITE to find an Ethiopian restaurant near you.)

- Attend culture camps created for kids adopted from Ethiopia and their families

- Listen to Ethiopian music at home and in the car

- Learn how to cook Ethiopian food as a family (Click HERE for recipes.)

- Read Ethiopian folktales and other children's books (Click HERE for some suggestions.)

- Attend sports/culture events

- Hire a babysitter that speaks Amharic

- Take notice of and/or celebrate Ethiopian holidays

- Set your digital TV recorder (tivo, dish, direct, etc.) to record any program with "Ethiopia" in the title or description (I've gotten some great documentaries this way.)

- Have Ethiopian art, items, books, etc., displayed throughout the home

- Have birth family contact (if they are also interested) through letters and photos exchanged through your agency

- Join local playgroups for children adopted from Ethiopia so other ideas can be exchanged between families

I would love to hear what others are doing to keep culture alive in their families. Please share more ideas in the comments section. Thank you!


Steve and Aimee Walker said...

Where did you find some good Ethiopian CD's? Any CD's you can suggest?

IAN Families said...

I plan on buying some while I’m in Ethiopia. I do have one that I purchased at a local Ethiopian market where I live. I can’t vouch for these personally but I have heard these two CDs recommended:

- Sorene: Children's Songs From Ethiopia
- Rough Guide to the Music of Ethiopia

I’ve seen then for sale on Amazon but you might be able to search around online and find them for less.