Monday, June 14, 2010

IAN's New Care Center

In early May, IAN kids (and their playground equipment!) were moved to a new spacious care center in Addis Ababa. The previous care center could accommodate about 25 children and the new place has space for about 35-40 kids.

Below are some shots of the exterior:

The infant room is behind the balcony (in the center of this photo).

Here is a shot of the balcony where the kids eat lunch on the tables and chairs.

The classroom is the door you see on the balcony, to the right of the slide. Underneath is a garage area that the kids like to play in because it is cool.

The toddlers/preschoolers sleep in the green building (located to the left of the building shown above).

Laundry, laundry and more...laundry!

Large cheery play yard in the front.

Additional play equipment for the kids.

Thanks to the recently traveled family for providing these photos!

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