Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Entoto Mountain


On our first trip to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, we plan on staying there about a week. It sounds like we'll be able to see our darling a few hours each day before we pass court. This will leave a big chunk of time to go sightseeing and learning as much as we can about our her country. While we wait (and wait), I thought I could start researching some of the places tourists end up in Addis. If you have been to any of these places, please feel free to add any comments. I'd love to hear your input!

At 10,827 feet above sea level, Entoto Mountain is the highest peak overlooking Addis Ababa. On top of the mountain is a village, an art gallery, and several beautiful churches. It was the location that Menelik II built his small palace when he founded Addis Ababa and is considered very sacred. Many come to the mountain for the healing waters and others to wait outside the church to pray when the bells chime.

In the small museum, there are many articles of great importance to Ethiopia. This would include the ceremonial dress of the king and queen, crowns, weapons, and the drum that announced the march of Adwa against Italian invasion.

The mountain is covered in eucalyptus trees and is sometimes referred to as the "lungs of Addis Ababa." It is a very important source of firewood and you can often see women carrying bundles of wood down to the city. While you are in Addis, you may want to ask to be taken to the Women Fuel Carriers Project and Sherameeda,which is a large market of weavers near the American Embassy. Purchases you make there will benefit the women trying to get out from under the burden of wood carrying.

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