Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Victory at Adwa Day

Today is a public holiday in Ethiopia commemorating the victory over the Italian army in 1896.

From Imperial Ethiopia -
In the month of March 1896, the Italian imperial armies that had arrived from the Red Sea coast met the forces of Emperor Menelik II and the Ethiopian people, and suffered a decisive defeat. The moment was a turning point of the highest significance in Ethiopian history. European nations, busy carving up Africa into overseas colonies, were forced to acknowledge Ethiopia as a sovereign power, guaranteeing the preservation of Ethiopia's 3000 year tradition of independence.

Throughout the 20th Century, the Ethiopian Crown joined its people in annual services to commemorate Adwa Day. In this age, March 2nd is a day of reflection, and of thanksgiving for Ethiopians of all faiths. It is a time to celebrate in a spirit of happiness, but not one of boisterousness. It is a time for us to honour the sacrifices of our ancestors who rallied the nation at Adwa. It is even further a time to urge ourselves and our peers to rise to their example as we look to the challenge of preserving Ethiopia's unity and independence in the 21st Century.

Read more about the Battle of Adwa at Wikipedia.

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Sharon said...

We were surprised at all of the Italian food eaten in Addis, but then when they told us of the history it made sense! Don't miss the Piazza (not sure if I spelled it right)- Italian architecture in Addis!