Monday, March 15, 2010

Ideas for Cultural Keepsakes

While in Ethiopia, it's only natural for parents to want mementos to bring back home. These cultural keepsakes are much more than souvenirs brought back from a trip though. They are touchstones to their child's birthplace, a discussion piece showcased in their house, a prized possession for their son or daughter to be proud of...

Here are a couple of suggestions for things to bring back from Ethiopia:
  • Musical instruments (like a drum)
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Books written in Amharic
  • Traditional outfits
  • Ethiopian bed pillow
  • Ethiopian rag doll (sold in the Mercato in the clothing stalls in large baskets on the floor)
  • Fabric (to make pillows, cover photo albums or journals, headbands, etc. once back home)
  • Silver jewelry (which is weighed to determine the purchase price so when you find a design that you like, ask the salesperson bring out several of that same design to compare the weight before purchase). If you ask, the salesperson will place the jewerly in a tiny yarn woven basket which is a gift itself.
  • Beads (to make bracelet or necklaces once back home)
We'd love to hear other ideas. Please add them in the comments section...


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

A couple more ideas:
-woven baskets
-a traditional coffee pot (jebena)
-good quality photos to be enlarged and framed

Amber said...

I can not take credit for this idea it is Jocelyn's but I loved it! I bought a gift for Grace Demot for every year of her birthday until she is 18. They are all age appropriate and I hope she loves it!