Thursday, March 18, 2010

Travel Tips: Part 2

Ideas for donations for Sele Enat:
  • Generic ibuprofen or Advil for the nannies
  • School supplies
  • Toddler clothing
  • Kids DVDs

Ideas for donations for the care center:
  • Baby soap, baby shampoo, lotion and hand sanitizer are used alot and hard to come by in Ethiopia
  • Selsun Blue to help control ringworm
  • Toddler clothing
  • Fresh fruit bought in Ethiopia

  • Bring a scarf to cover your nose and mouth while driving when the pollution seems worst.
  • Pack over-the-counter allergy medicines to potentially take daily

Over-the-counter medicines:
  • Allergy medicine to help with pollution
  • Motion sickness medicine (Dramamine) for stop/start, jerky car rides

Please leave other travel tips you think of in the comments. Thank you!

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