Saturday, August 23, 2008

IAN - Team Ethiopia

The other day I was speaking with Courtney, at IAN, and I started to think about the important part she is playing in my life and how little I know about this person , who is literally the gateway to my child. I know it is her job to have access to the deepest, darkest secrets within my home study, but somehow it doesn't seem fair that I only know her by her voice and the 10pt Arial font of her email. I know there are a number of us, in states outside of CO, who will never have the opportunity to meet our IAN representative. So, after much coaxing, I was able to obtain these photos of the IAN Ethiopian staff. I hope everyone enjoys getting a glimpse of the person on the other end of the phone line. a special treat Gabre, the beautiful daughter of Leah Reeves (IAN's Texas Adoption Coordinator) is included in these photos, along with Leah's handsome husband, Scott.

Top Photo: Courtney, Scott, Leah, Gabre, and Aneata.
Bottom Photo: Gabre and Joan

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