Friday, August 29, 2008

IAN Fashion Corner

Some may look to the runways of Paris, Milan, and New York for the newest trends in fashion, but here at IAN, we need not look any further than our family blogs.

So...what is the fashion "must have" among our little blogger fashion plates....the headband. That's right... the headband, paired with a simple Ethiopian T-shirt, is the toddler wardrobe staple of the season.

Let's check out how these fashion mavens are wearing this years biggest fashion trend.

Gabre - "the trendsetter"

Not since Madonna, circa 1983, have we seen such a variety of headbands. Whether it be lace, bows, poofs, or polka dots, this little fashionista really knows how to mix it up.

Lidya - "simple sophistication"
Little Lidia knows one of the cardinal rules of up your assets. A simple band, with an understated bow, is the perfect accessory to her exquisite eyes.

Amelia - "the risk taker"
Carrie Bradshaw (of SITC fame) may have made the flower pin one of her signature fashion pieces, but Amelia had the gumption to take to the next level by pairing it with a headband. Bravo Amelia! I think we'll be seeing some Manola Blahnik booties from this little one in the future.

Most of the fashions, modeled above, will be available soon at Adopt and Shop on the Hope-Reeves family blog. A percentage of all proceeds will go to the IAN Charity incentive.


Leah Reeves said...

Those are three cute babies.

Lory Howlett said...

I'm so proud!
(with love from Amelia's mom)

Jill said...

oh my gosh that is one precious baby! forget how cute the onesies are!

thanks for sharing!

jill (please add us to your list) Thanks for hosting this blog!