Monday, March 14, 2011

How to make Injera Video


Ok, as a certified Chef I have to say I was equal parts frustrated and embarrassed to admit that I was unable to figure out how to make Injera. I know everyone always says " just buy the injera - you don't make your own bread, why make your own injera!"

However, the truth of the matter is I do make my own bread! I love making bread, my mother loves making bread and my Grandmother loved making homemade bread. It is a tradition in my family that has been passed down, generation after generation, mother-to-daughter. Now that I have a daughter (!) I really want to be able to pass on this tradition to her as well. Of course I will show her how to make French Baguette, American White, Italian Foccacia, and Ethiopian Spiced Honey Bread (which I am happy to report I was able to master)...but I also really want to be able to teach her how to make Injera. It is the staple item of the Ethiopian diet for goodness sake! I want Shibire to grow up and know how to make Injera, as well as Gomen, Wot, Tibs....

If she decides to grow up and marry an Ethiopian man I want her to be able to walk into her mother-in-law's kitchen and surprise her that even though she was raised by a white American family she can still make a kick-ass Ethiopian meal for her family! Who knows, maybe she will grow up and hate cooking, but it won't be because I didn't try to pass this tradition on to her.

So here I sit...greatly desiring to be able to teach Shibire how to make Injera and I can't even figure out how to make it myself! However - I have recently scoured youTube and found a video from an Ethiopian restaurant where they show you how to cook it, and also, a link to the recipe they use. So I guess it will be another 4 day journey of trying to make Injera! Wish me luck! (and if any of you have been successful making Injera, please send me your tips!)

Mesob Ethiopian Eats Injera Recipe

How to Make Injera Video - Mesob Ethiopian Eats with Hot from the Kettle

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