Monday, December 13, 2010

Comfort items for your carry on bag, international flight packing list


I just returned from Australia. This is my fourth LONG flight trip in my life and I just can not seem to get it together for the comfort items needed for such a long flight. I have now created a list. So, thought I would share since many of you are about to take a long flight. :)

For more on packing lists and things for kids see the packing list post here.

But, now here is a list for comfort items.
  • Empty water bottle, they will fill for you and it is really nice to get a sip whenever you want it. Kids too.
  • whisp tooth brushes, these are those little one time use things you can put in your purse or lunch box. make sure everyone has one for there and home again. Invaluable.
  • mini travel deodorant *
  • body or facial wipes (baby wipes do the same for face, body and personal use)
  • mini purell **
  • mini lotion **
  • mini tissues
  • extra pair of underwear for there and home again
  • comb or the fold up one with a mirror
  • chap stick *
  • breath mints or gum -sugar free-, also good for take off and landing
  • energy bars for those in between flights with no snacks and the airport delays and lay overs and when the meal time is just off with your body schedule and you just can not wait. DO NOT take nuts, many countries do not allow the transfer of "seeds" and nuts falls into that category.
  • pencil and paper for those little notes you just might forget
  • u shaped neck pillow or something like that.
  • carabeaners (metal clip) to clip pillow to bag during transfers
  • your own ear buds the ones on the plane are not great.
  • that flimsy cardboard/foam nail file (no clippers or mini pocket knives)
The items with a ** need to be put in a quart sized zip lock bag and scanned through security separately. I have not had any problem with any of these. The items with * are not a required item to be packed separately, but one security person did suggest that I include them in the bag, just in case..... whatever, not hard to do.

Ok anyone else want to add?

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