Monday, May 24, 2010

SNNPR and Sidama

SNNPR stands for Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Region. It is located in the southwestern corner of Ethiopia. Awasa (also spelled Awassa or Hawassa) is the capital. This link is for the SNNPR's tourism bureau.

the SNNPR flag

SNNPR in red

Sidama is one of the zones within SNNPR and where many IAN children come from. Awasa is also the capital of Sidama.

the Sidama flag

I recently found this website specifically about Sidama. There are beautiful pictures and interesting info like the fact that those in Sidama have a unique New Years festival called Fiche. I highly recommend reading (or printing and reading) the magazine at the bottom of the homepage.

This site has some information about Sidama's religion, politics, economy, etc.

This blog post has some interesting folklore about the Sidama region.

The map below details the SNNPR area of Ethiopia. Sidama is the light grey area on the right side of the map.


Anonymous said...

my children are from sidama and i am so interested in the article and the blog u mentioned on sidama and couldnt find link at botton of page, can u help? thank you, lisa

IAN Families said...

I hope you come back here and see this response...
There are links all throughout the post. For example, the first word of the post, SNNPR, should be in olive green text and is a link to a wikipedia entry about SNNPR. Anywhere there is olive green text is a link. The specific links you are looking for are on the words "website," "site" and "blog post."
Here are direct links:

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much, this is great. i really appreciate your help and your willingness to educate us all. lisa