Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Amharic for ferengi*

Ethiopia has 84 languages and more than 200 dialects. Amharic is the official working language of Ethiopia. The following post has several language links for Amharic and one for Sidama.

This blog post has a ton of useful Amharic vocabulary for adoptive parents like simple commands, expressions of affection, descriptive words, clothing, food, counting, etc.

Another option is the Amharic Dictionary. Type in an English word and click the "search" button to translate into Amharic.

Another blog post gives tons of links to learning material (towards the bottom of the page).

And just to prove that there is a Yahoo group for everything, here is the link to the Amharic Online Yahoo Group.

Lastly, as most of IAN kids are from the Sidama Province, this link with useful English-to-Sidama phrases for adoptive families could prove to be very helpful.

Please add comments with any words or phrases that you have found to be useful. Also add any resources (books, websites, CDs, etc.) that might be helpful. Thank you!

*Ferengi (Feh-REHN-jee): non-black foreigner

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